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Skin Defense Cream is a carefully formulated moisturiser with a lipid content of 25%, making it the ideal treatment for sensitive skin. Redness and irritation are reduced and the skin's resilience is increased, preventing new irritation and dryness


The skin’s natural barrier is strengthened, leaving it smooth and supple

Specially formulated for dry sensitive skin to reduce irritation and redness

Promoting a long-lasting moisture boost to your skin at the same time helping to reduce sensitivity


Skin Guard Complex: infusing a blend of Echium, Sunflower Oils and Ballon Vine Plant extract to focus on repairing and strengthening natural skin barrier while reducing redness and irritation. A study has shown that Skin Guard Complex reduces skin sensitivity by 49% after four weeks of application

Hyaluronic Acid: provides immediate intensive hydration on the surface of the skin, while replenishing moisture and in turn helping to plump up the skin (line filler effect)

Squalane: a lightweight solution derived from Olive Oil, prevents dehydration (moisture loss) and has skin-smoothing properties

Alpha-Bisabolol: its calming and anti-inflammatory properties counteract redness

2 reviews for SKIN DEFENSE CREAM

  1. Petra, Düsseldorf,

    Wow, now my cream is Available in Ireland! Fantastic!! I don’t have to wait until I go back on holidays to get. Great service provided

  2. Janet, Cork City, Ireland

    Leaves my skin feelin lovely

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