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Ampoules are small single-use, airtight glass capsules containing supercharged serum. They are targeted treatments which contain a higher concentration of active ingredients giving your skin a potent boost. Lifting/Anti-Fatigue Ampoules focus on providing immediate lifting and revitalising effect while your skin feels and appears refreshed and deeply hydrated with a rosy complexion


Stimulates blood circulation while eliminating signs of fatigue 

Helps to brighten, soften, and promote cell renewal resulting in radiant skin

Smoothing out lines and wrinkles with an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect

Promoting long-lasting moisture boost while protecting the skin from dehydration


Phytexcell Guarana®: Guarana Seeds have very high caffeine content. Caffeine promotes blood circulation and has a revitalising and refreshing effect

Long- and Short-Chain Hyaluronic Acid: provides immediate intensive hydration on the surface of the skin, while replenishing  lost moisture and in turn helping to plump up the skin

Instensyl® 3D Express Lifting: three-dimensional biopolymer on a sugar basis, originating from the root of the cassava plant. Thanks to the immediate and long-lasting bond with the surface of the skin, this ingredient results in a rapid firming and lifting of the skin


  1. Lisa, Louth

    I have just started using Inspira lifting/anti fatigue ampoules. I find this amazing concentrated serum to be extremely hydrating and refreshing on my skin. After using ampoule for only 2 weeks my skin is looking refreshed with a rosy complexion. I highly recommend this super product and am thankful that I discovered it.

  2. Feryal, Carlow

    Ive just started using ant fatigue ampoule sets. i was celebrating my islamic festival of Eid ul fitr yesterday. my friends saw me and said you’re complexion is by far different and rosy i would recommend you to use for 3 weeks and see best results of the serum!

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