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Luxurious anti-ageing cream for the sensitive eye contour area. Enhancing the skin’s light-reflecting qualities, giving luminosity and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles


Light-reflecting pigments ensure immediate brightening for the dark circles around the eyes

Highly effective eye treatment to brighten, lift and reduce the appearance wrinkles and lines

Light protection filter protects against UVA/UVB and infra-red radiation


Matrixyl Synthe´6®: is a wrinkle-reversing peptide which boosts the synthesis of 6 skin-rebuilding essentials, including collagen and elastin. Reduces wrinkle depth after two months by approximately 15% and wrinkle volume by about 20%. Diminishes lines around the eyes

Short-Chain Hyaluronic Acid: biotechnologically obtained active ingredient that works right down to the lower layer of the epidermis and visibly “pads” and smooth it out while protecting its moisture

Shea Butter: quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft and silky. Helps to prevent premature ageing by boosting collagen production while repairing rough and damaged skin

Edelweiss Extract: plant extract from the Alpine Edelweiss, calms the skin and improves its barrier function while helping to combat premature ageing

Long-Chain Hyaluronic Acid: biotechnologically obtained active ingredient with high moisture-binding capacity, leaving the skin deeply hydrated

Light Diffusing Pigments: ensure immediate brightening to the entire eye area. There is an immediate visual reduction of wrinkles

Venuceane®: prevents IR-induced stress, while improving skin's hydration and structure thus limiting the formation of wrinkles

Vitamin E Acetate: converted within the skin to free Vitamin E resulting in an antioxidative effect, helping to fight free radicals

Allantoin and Alpha Bisabolol: its calming and anti-inflammatory properties counteract redness

UVA/UVB: light protection filter, protects the skin against light-induced damages

Pentavitin®: is a Trademark of DSM


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