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Reinvigorate your skin with Inspira Cosmetics Luxury Silver Foil Lift. This self-heating foil mask will help in opening up pores allowing for a powerful blend of active ingredients to slowly seep into the deepest layer of the skin. Powered by an anti-ageing blend of French Oat Extract, Swiss Icewine, Stem Cells of High Alpine Saponaria, Mallow Extract and Peptides. This unique treatment works by replenishing high levels of moisture to the skin, while reducing wrinkles and lines (Botox-like effect)


Instantly nourished skin appears lifted and smooth

Your skin left feeling deeply hydrated, youthful and radiant

Botox-like effect relaxes muscle contraction helping to reduce mimic lines and wrinkles 


Mallow Extract: the extract is made from the Hibiscus flowers. It increases skin elasticity and skin flexibility. Mallow contains acids that have a Botox-like effect on the muscle fibers

Swiss Icewine: high concentration of polyphenols combined with polysaccharides show instant lifting effects already after 30 minutes. The skin looks considerably smoother

French Oat Extract: Contains Beta Glucan, a powerful moisturiser of the upper layers of the skin, smoothe out fine lines and wrinkles

Biomimetic Peptides: unique peptides that imitate the functions of natural peptides of the skin, focused on reducing wrinkles

High Alpine Saponaria: Saponaria stem cells improve skin elasticity, firmness and density and evens out the complexion


After cleansing, soothe your skin with tonic, open sachet, apply bottom half, then top half (silver side out). Smooth the mask gently to ensure good contact with the skin, leave it for 15-20 minutes until active ingredients of the mask are absorbed and then remove the mask. Massage rest of the serum into the skin, followed by your prefered moisturiser


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