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The winter months bring harsh weather resulting in dehydrated skin! The only thing is, escaping harsh weather and retreating to the ‘indoors’ leads to dehydrated skin AS WELL!

Winter weather creates less moisture in the air, in turn, it dries out the skin. Along with our Irish Gales stripping the skin of natural oils, leaving it feeling tight and flaky. Dry ‘indoor’ air is down to the artificial heating (radiators, underfloor heating etc.); hence the air becoming trapped and less humid, resulting in loss of moisture.

You should consider adding a facial serum to your daily routine. Serums are packed with a high concentration of active ingredients and designed to deliver them deeper into the skin. It gives your skin a firm, smooth texture and increases moisture levels.

Serums tend to be lighter, absorb faster and aren’t as greasy compared to moisturisers. Serums are the busy bee of the skincare routine, doing all the heavy lifting. And there’s a serum available for every skin type!

How to Use Face Serums

Generally, a facial serum is applied after the toner, and before the moisturiser. You only need a few drops of serum, because it is a concentrated product.

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