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On 3rd of June 2019 a article written by Peter Bodkin: “The ugly side to dermal fillers: ‘Would you let your mechanic stick a needle in your face?” – where it was outlined that former model Carol Bryan told Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy how she was left disfigured and blind in one eye after a botched filler treatment.

Such a case brings to question, is surgery or fillers worth the risk? Remember with surgical procedures results are permanent and an overall sense of harmony and proportion cannot be achieved without follow up surgeries or fillers to other parts of your face! Overall, with fillers and surgery, you have to make sure you can trust yourself or someone else, to tell you ‘enough is enough’.

It might be worth looking to skincare for an alternative solution before the needle or knife? With the synergy of medicine and cosmetics behind inspira: med there is now a viable alternative. Precise and targeted care works to combat premature ageing. Powerful active ingredients assist in promoting rejuvenation and radiant complexion while offering a definitive solution in the fight against fine lines and wrinkles.

inspira: med is a complete treatment course that consists of just three steps.

Step one – dead skin cells are gently removed using fruit acid products to free the skin of its dull complexion

Step two – regeneration processes in the skin at cellular level are activated

Step three – tailored products that protect the regenerated skin and keep it looking younger for longer

inspira: med products are non-invasive, resulting in no downtime and more importantly, no injections.