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Eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are the best ways to maintain your own natural defences and prevent BURNOUT. But these things are not always possible! Sometimes you have to make sacrifices and take less-than-ideal options just to cope and keep up with the demands of modern life.

The obvious toll of daily working life puts a strain on our health and particularly, on our largest organ, THE SKIN. This strain results in a break down in your skin’s barriers leading to SKIN BURNOUT.

Protect your skin from Skin Burnout with inspira absolueThere are also several contributory harmful ageing environmental aggressors or external irritants that you encounter daily adding to SKIN BURNOUT. Including UVA or UVB rays, free radicals and Blue Light produced by electronic devices like mobile phones, computer screens and tablets; which are often in use throughout the day and night. Blue Light, in particular, leads to photo-ageing, including the increase in lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and a decrease in skin’s elasticity.

Environmental conditions, such as pollution, fuel and emissions begin to break down your skin’s barriers; causing noticeable differences in how it looks and feels. Hectic lifestyles and an on-going active over-asserted mind in the evenings may lead to a lack of sleep, which stalls and damages skin’s natural cell-regeneration process and again a contributory factor to SKIN BURNOUT.

The visible signs of SKIN BURNOUT may occur due to external as well as a result of internal issues such as adrenal glands releasing stress hormones affecting blood flow and causing damage to collagen fibres in your skin. This accelerates the ageing process and prevents your skin’s natural ability to repair itself, resulting in SKIN BURNOUT.




  • Fatigue – Skin that looks flat, dull and prone to increased lines and wrinkles
  • Dry – Dehydrated skin leading to persistent dryness
  • Sensitive – Skin becoming sensitive resulting in redness and irritation
  • Unresponsive – Your skin is no longer responding to products you are currently using


The inspira: absolue range treats and prevents SKIN BURNOUT through targeted protection and extensive regeneration of the skin. Simultaneously providing much-needed moisture and rejuvenation with specialised formulas enriched with antioxidants and active ingredients. inspira: absolue range contains all the nutrients skin needs to regenerate and repair itself. Products intuitively provide necessary protection based on the needs and condition of your skin. Prevent SKIN BURNOUT by using inspira: absolue range.